Abe Rivera Seven String (the work of art - strictly one of a kind, Abe built this for me in the mid '80s. Completely hand carved, we started with pieces of wood and went from there):

Abe Rivera Scroll Guitar. Great rock/blues/whatever gig guitar - also a one of a kind masterpiece, I use this in settings where I need a wide range of sounds but don't need the low A of the seventh. (Note to rockers - the seven string in US music was pioneered by George Van Eps in the 1930s, it's not a Vai/whomever innovation.) It's also a VERY light guitar, making it perfect for those gigs where you're playing 2 hour sets.

I'm selling the Scroll guitar, along with my Carvin seven string and Martin flat top. I've just ordered a Sonntag archtop 6 - the Sonntag, the Rivera seven, and my two D'Angelicos (current factory models, not a true Kenmare Street item) will cover all my needs.