I'd like to point out some products I have faith in, and use myself. (While no one will PAY me to use stuff I don't like, I still wouldn't do it - I believe an endorser has the responsibility to use the actual item they're hawking.)

Sonntag Guitars  - a brilliant luthier who is starting to make his mark on the scene. I just ordered an Augusta from him. If you'd like to acquire a future legendary guitar while it's still affordable, contact Stefan. Now. Before the prices go up. Seriously.
Abe Rivera - a tribute site to the man who made my guitars.
JUST JAZZ GUITAR - if you like jazz guitar, you know it's hard to find enough to read out there. Here's a good one to check out.
REDSTONE AUDIO - Speaker cabinets designed and built by a  rather interesting crew:  the main contact is a retired electrical engineer from Texas Instruments, while the cabinet maker is the former Apollo program propulsion department head, and their organizational guru is a Program Manager for the Corp of Engineers. These guys know how to get things done on a SERIOUS level. And the stuff sounds great, which is most important to me!
Bordeaux Inlay - Inlay artist and set up work. Paul does amazing detail work - if you need a quality set up or want to add personal touchs to your instrument, give him a call. (Check out his gallery for some stunning inlay.)